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Farmers Empowerment is our Policy. Mr. Pramod M. Mandave is the Farmer works for farmers empowerment

The Farmer

 शेतकरी सक्षमीकरण 

  हेच आमचे धोरण  



        Farmer is the key of Development. So that Farmers Empowerment is our Policy. Mr. Pramod M. Mandave was born in to poor farming family. Mr. Pramod Mandave has seen the problems and sufferings of farmers and youth from farming families. So he decided to work for farmers empowerment and Agriculture development.  

         "I have full faith in the laws made by nature. The most beautiful, golden law of nature is to give forever. He who cannot give anything to the society can never be happy," This is the ideology of Hon. Pramodbhau Mandave. Pramodbhau is a young leader who has been involved in social work since 2011 at the age of 20 for the betterment of the society, for the protection of the extremely poor, for political supremacy and for repeatedly challenging it. Pramodbhau is the confluence of the three qualities of rhetoric, deed and leadership. Pramodbhau who provides benefits of government schemes to farmers.

     Pramodbhau who spreads social awareness by organizing socially useful programs. Pramodbhau trying to make the society literate. At the age of 20, this young social worker started his social work by establishing various social organizations. Pramodbhau set up various organizations for the welfare of such common people. One of them is Shivshakti Social Foundation, Shivshakti Shetkari Self Help Group, Shivshakti Pashupalak Mandal, Shivshakti, Kai. Adhikbhau Mandve Library, Shivshakti, Kadegaon Taluka Farmers Producer Company Ltd.

         Various social organizations titled as 'ShivShakti' are running successfully under the guidance of Pramodbhau.  Through ShivShakti, Pramodbhau has done an invaluable job of rescuing more than ten thousand beneficiaries by availing the benefits of government schemes.

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ShivShakti Social Foundation

Plot No. PAP 16 MIDC Kadegaon

Sangli 415 304 Maaharashtra

Mo.: +91 8975307470

        +91 9673371785

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