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माणुसकी हाच धर्म
Kadegaon FPC Ltd.
विश्वासाच एकच नांव प्रमोदभाव
अभिमानाच एकच नाव प्रमोदभाव
ShivShakti Krushi Aujare Bank
ShivShakti Pashupalak Mandal
जातीभेद सारे विसरुनी जाऊ, मिळून मिसळून सुखी राहू
शिवशक्ती : चळवळ समाजसेवेची, चळवळ परिवर्तनाची
राष्ट्र सर्वप्रथम
विद्यार्थ्यांना दाखले वेळेत द्या. अन्यथा आंदोलन : प्रमोद मांडवे
I can and I will..

- Mr. Pramod M. Mandave

"I belive The Rules Made by Nature. The Golden Rule of Nature is To Give and No One can Live Happy without sharing Happiness."

Activities Details

  • Yuva sansad program for personality development, Yoga training program trained 300+ participants in last year.

  • Yuva jagruti social media youth awareness program connects 10000 youths per year. Schemes and info data share among youths.

  • 27 Youth Clubs Created and associated with us and working for social change.

  • Via personality development camps we trained 256 youths in recent years.

  • 74 youths empowered through various training and development programs.

  • Every year block level sports competitions arranged for promotion of regional sports.

  • Over 1000 athletes participated and benefited via block level sports competitions.

  • Free books and educational things donation program distributed educational material to 1634 students in last 2 years.

  • Art and Cultural activities connected to 2678 common students, artist and peoples.

  • Kai. Adhikbhau Mandave Public Library Founded and running since last 5 years.

  • Over 5000 students and common peoples got books, pens and other educational things.

  • 5000 prints motivational books of swami Vivekananda distributed Free.

  • Literatures activities like elocution, essay writing, seminars activities provides platform for 278 litterateurs.

  • 5 Deaddiction camps set by organization and 3000 students got pledge of Deaddiction.

  • Indian invention Yoga is beneficial for health. 475 peoples trained via various yoga camps by organization.

  • Environmental awareness and knowledge dissemination activities impact over 100 peoples in last 2 year.

  • An environment conservation and awareness program reaches over 13100+ peoples and 333 plants planted and conserved.

  • Knowledge dissemination programs like Seminar & workshop for health related issues -DE addiction program, swasth Maharashtra abhiyaan-health awareness camp reaches over 500 peoples in last year.

  • Knowledge dissemination programs; Seminar and workshop for farmers trained 289 farmers in last year.

  • Knowledge dissemination programs related to Social and consumer awareness reaches over 11000 peoples with the help of various social sites and live campaigns.

  • Over 20000 peoples got benefited under various knowledge dissemination and awareness or impacting activities planned by organization.

  • With the help of local agriculture department over 25 lacs fertilizers, seeds and pesticides distributed free.

  • Water conservation and awareness program arranged in six villages and trained 574 peoples for water management.

  • Every year sports equipment like, volleyball, Football distributed to youth clubs. 25 youth clubs got sports equipment.

  • Every year sports equipment like, volleyball, Football distributed to youth clubs. 25 youth clubs got sports equipment.

  • Women empowerment program reach over 500 women's and gave them opportunity to work and live free.

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