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There are many ways to work with Mr. Pramod Mandave,

from joining PM Youth Force and Kadegaon FPC to Donating ShivShakti.

Here are ways you can help:


    Revolutionary & Visionary youth leader Mr. Pramod M. Mandave has a vision to empower youths and to do beneficial activities for youth development. So that Pramod Bhau's Younger brother and friends started youth club known as Pramod Bhau Mandave Youth Force. 

        By the Youth For the Youth is the slogan of PM Youth Force. This organization helps youth for employment and self employment. Also for youth development we are planning to start Youth School. Which gives skill training and platform to youths.

Aim : To become a mentor and friend of every youths of India.

Vision : To empower youths by providing platform and skill training which is useful for employment generation.

Hon. PramodBhau Mandave Youth Force is the youths organization run by the youths for the youths.

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Kadegaon Taluka Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. is a registered Farmers Producer Organization working for farmers empowerment. Our aim is to Empower farmers via providing agriculture infrastructure and market linkages for agricultural produce. We specially engage in the business of Sugarcane and Milk and its by products. Also we provide agriculture development and farming services to customers. We are Farmers community have a 1000+ registered farmers. 

 Aim : To empower farmers and nation via agriculture development.

Vision : To provide infrastructure and platform for manufacture, sell and buy agriculture goods to all agriculturalist.

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   ShivShakti Social Foundation is The registered charitable organization. The organization run under the guidance of Mr. Pramod M.Mandave, who is the young philanthropist and Founder/President of ShivShakti Social Foundation. 

   ShivShakti Social Foundation has 11 core visions that is Youth Development, Sports, Agriculture, Rural Development, Nationalism, Cast-ism Elimination, Art & Culture, Education, Health, Women Empowerment, Environment etc.  Our Mission is to Creating a self-reliant society that will have peace, freedom, equality, brotherhood and better life. Donate for Society. Donate To ShivShakti.

Donate to shivshakti. donate for development

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